Online Booking System Help

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To Make a Booking

Under the Schedule menu item you will find the Booking item. This will show you the available, reserved and blocked slots on the schedule and allow you to book resources that you have permission to. Alternatively on Calendar view click on the desired day and select Create Booking.

Making a Booking

Menu Options

To Navigate between Schedules

Find A Time

Under Schedule there is an option to Find A Time. This gives you the ability to search for any available slot that meets your criteria.

Recurring Dates

A reservation can be configured to recur a number of different ways. For all repeat options the Until date is inclusive.

The repeat options allow for flexible recurrence possibilities. For example: Repeat Daily every 2 days will create a reservation every other day for your specified time. Repeat Weekly, every 1 week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday will create a reservation on each of those days every week at your specified time. If you were creating a reservation on 24-12-18, repeating Monthly, every 3 months on the day of month would create a reservation every third month on the 24th. Since 2011-01-15 is the third Saturday of January, the same example with the day of week selected would repeat every third month on the third Saturday of that month.